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Welcome! We are delighted that you have stumbled upon our Youth Apostolate page! Please know that our team prays regularly for the youth of our parish and their families. You’re always welcome to let us know about specific prayer requests!

MEDICAL AND PHOTO RELEASE FORMS: If you have not signed NEW forms for the 2017-2018 school year, we must have these forms before youth can participate in IGNITE, ABLAZE, Sunday Scene, or other onsite events. Download the forms here and return them to the parish office or Catacombs.

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Planning to join us for an activity off site? Please be sure to complete the form below:

Basic Liability Form: Event Permission Slip 2017 18

Please note that this form has been updated by the diocese. We will not be accepting older versions of this form.

Have you ever wondered what we do with all of those permission slips? Check out this document for more information. do you know permission slip information

Here’s our latest calendar. Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Printable Calendars of Events:

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“Were not our hearts burning within us while He spoke to us on the way?”- Luke 24:32 

IGNITE seeks to accompany young people in grades 6-8 on their journey of faith, pointing out the loving works and very near presence of the Lord in their day to day life.

IGNITE gathers on Friday evenings (EXCEPT ON FIRST FRIDAYS) from 7:30pm-9pm in the parish hall. All students in grades 6-8 are encouraged to attend. The evenings include food, music, games, prayer, and learning. This year we will also be going to BASH a diocesan rally for youth in Middle School as well as having day retreats, service opportunites, picnics, sports, and more!

“I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing! “- Luke 12:49

ABLAZE seeks to empower high school students to put their faith into action through evangelization and works of mercy.

ABLAZE gathers on Sundays (EXCEPT ON 2nd SUNDAYS). All teens in grades 9-12 are invited to join us in the parish hall for dinner, games, prayer, and opportunities to grow in knowledge of our Catholic faith on Sundays from 1:30pm to 4pm. This year, we will be going on retreats and pilgrimage as well as discovering how the Lord is inviting us to use our gifts and talents to serve others and spread the Gospel.


TEAM- Our Youth Apostolate Team consists of parents and single adults who have answered the call to serve the middle and high school youth of parish. These individuals receive regular formation on discipleship, ministry planning, praying with teens, leading small groups, youth safety, and more! The team gathers on the first Fridays of the month for Mass, dinner, and formation. During these gatherings we pray for our parish young people and continue to grow to understand how the Lord is inviting us to lead youth into a deeper relationship with Him. If you have thought that God might be calling you to serve youth in our parish, please contact our Coordinator of Youth Ministry for more information at

Please Note These Upcoming Opportunities:


Date Event Age/Grade Description
September 10th Donut Sunday 6th-12th Grade 7am-1pm providing donuts after morning Masses in the Parish Hall in shifts
September 10th Kick-Off Potluck Families All are welcome! Bring a food item to share. 1:30pm-4pm in the Parish Hall
September 17th ABLAZE 9th-12th Grade “Stump the Priest” –Catacombs (pizza lunch provided) 1:30pm-4:00pm
September 22nd IGNITE 6th-8th Grade “A Future Full of Hope”- 7:30pm-9pm in the Parish Hall (pizza dinner provided)
September 23rd DC United Match and “The Restless” in Concert 6th-12th Grade 3:30pm-9:30pm, permission slips and $40 due by September 17th
September 24th No ABLAZE 9th-12th Grade Parish Oktoberfest
September 29th IGNITE 6th-8th Grade Growing in virtue and combatting gossip and rumors. 7:30pm-9:00pm (pizza dinner provided)
September 30th and October 1st Respect Life Sunday 6th-12th Grade/Families Families can sign up to hand out baby bottles after Masses. Email
October 1st ABLAZE 9th-12th Grade Food and Faith: Cooking together. Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, and the Gospel through Lectio Divina 1:30pm-4pm in the Kitchen
October 3rd Deeper Waters Adult TEAM Training on Religious Parenting
October 6th TEAM Gathering Adult TEAM 7pm-9:30pm in the Catacombs
October 8th Donut Sunday 6th-12th Grade 7am-1pm providing donuts after morning Masses in the Parish Hall in shifts
October 8th Sunday Scene 6th-12th Grade Hiking, rosary walk, and picnic at Great Falls. No cost. Permission slips due by October 1st.
October 13th Corn Maze in the Plains 6th-8th Grade Bonfire, night time corn maze, fun barnyard games. Permission slips and $20 due October 8th.
October 15th ABLAZE 9th-12th Guest Speaker China Briceno coming to talk about her vocation as a consecrated virgin and to challenge us to live out the call to holiness that we received at our Baptism.
October 20th IGNITE 6th-8th Growing in virtue and how to respond to bullying/ cyberbullying (part 1). 7:30pm-9:00pm (pizza dinner provided.)
October 22nd RALLY 9th-12th Diocesan youth rally with Bishop Burbidge. 9am-9:30pm. Cost is $40 and includes brunch at Ihop. Permission slip and money due by October 15th.
October 27th IGNITE 6th-8th Growing in virtue and how to respond to bullying/ cyberbullying (part 2). 7:30pm-9:00pm (pizza dinner provided.)
October 28th Saints Alive 7th-12th Powerful re-enactment of the lives of the saints at the Seton Shrine in MD. 3pm-9:30pm. Permission slips and $15 due by October 20th.
October 29th ABLAZE 9th-12th Guest Speaker: TBD 1:30pm-4pm in the Catacombs
October 29th Human Trafficking Awareness: Protecting Our Kids Parents/ Adults Members of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Taskforce will be here to offer a free educational workshop on human trafficking taking place in our area and how we can keep our youth safe. 6pm. All adults welcome!
November 3rd TEAM Gathering Adult TEAM 7pm-9:30pm in the Catacombs
November 5th ABLAZE 9th-12th 1:30pm-4pm. Tricked: Inside the world of teen sex trafficking. Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Taskforce
November 12th Donut Sunday 6th-12th 7am-1pm providing donuts after morning Masses in the Parish Hall in shifts
November 12th Sunday Scene 6th-12th Pizza and pilgrimage to the John Paul II Shrine in DC. Free! Permission slips due by November 7th.
November 17th IGNITE 6th-8th How to live a virtuous life online. Social media and technology safety. 7:30pm-9:00pm (pizza dinner provided).
November 19th ABLAZE 9th-12th “Tricked” Make up day. Food and Faith: Thanksgiving themed lunch and desserts to share with family and friends. 1:30pm-4pm in the kitchen.
December 1st TEAM Gathering Adult TEAM 7pm-9:30pm in the Catacombs
December 2nd Concert at the Hilton 6th-12th Orchestral concert. Cost is $10. More details TBD
December 3rd ABLAZE 9th-12th Food and Faith: Delicious homemade lunch and the Gospel through Lectio Divina. 1:30pm-4pm in the kitchen.
December 5th Appreciation Mass and Dinner Adult TEAM Volunteer appreciation event with Bishop Burbidge at St. Joseph’s in Herndon.
December 8th Mass –Immaculate Conception 6th-12th Youth invited to sit with Youth Apostolate Team at Mass at 7pm in the Church.
December 10th Donut Sunday 6th-12th 7am-1pm providing donuts after morning Masses in the Parish Hall in shifts
December 10th Sunday Scene 6th-12th 1pm Christmas Caroling at local nursing homes. Free lunch provided. Permission slips are due by December 3rd.
December 15th IGNITE 6th-8th Understanding virtue and vice: Practical steps towards holiness. 7:30pm-9:00pm (pizza dinner provided)
December 17th ABLAZE 9th-12th “Stump the priest.” Do you have a difficult, burning question?!?! This is the day! 1:30pm-4pm in the Catacombs.
December 29th Christmas Party 6th-8th 7:30pm-9:00pm in the parish hall. Bring a snack to share. Prizes for the most creative and most festive Christmas outfits!
January 5th Epiphany Party Adult TEAM 7pm-9:30pm. Location TBD
January 7th Epiphany Party 9th-12th 1:30pm. Location TBD