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Welcome to St. Veronica Religious Education

REGISTRATION FOR 2023-2024 IS NOW OPEN! Deadline to register is Friday, September 1st.

Please note that families must be registered parishioners of St. Veronica before enrolling in Religious Education.

You may download the registration form here. Mail, email to, drop off in the Sunday collection basket, or bring to the Parish Office.

St. Veronica offers Religious Education classes for students in grades Kindergarten – Grade 8.

Also available are classes for students who need to catch up on Sacraments; for grades 4-6 who need First Holy Communion (RCIC), and high school students who need Confirmation (RCIT). Note: RCIC and RCIT are 2 year programs.

Classes are held for all students on Mondays at 5:30-6:45 pm.

The 2023-2024 RE Calendar is here. Classes will begin Monday, September 11, 2023.

For our homeschool families, (those families who homeschool for all subjects, on a full-time basis), if you choose to homeschool for sacramental years (grades 2, 7, and 8), please contact the Religious Education office. If this is not the case for your family (you do not homeschool all school subjects for instance), your child must either be enrolled in a Catholic school, or in RE.

Our St. Veronica parishioners who attend another Catholic school and are preparing to receive the Sacraments should register with St. Veronica Religious Education program for 2nd, 7th, and 8th grade by September 1st.

Religious Education Volunteers Needed – We are in need of a Catechist Aide for Grade 3, Hall Monitors, and a Substitute Catechist. Please contact the Parish Office if you are able to assist.

You may download the registration form here. Fill it out and return to the Parish Office, drop in the collection basket, or email to

You may download the Emergency Contact form here.

Tuition: $130 one student, $260 two students, $390 three students, $425 four students, plus any Sacramental fees, per student.

Sacramental Fees: $40 First Holy Communion or RCIC, per student; $60 Confirmation or RCIT, per student

St. Veronica Religious education follows Fairfax County Public Schools for inclement weather closings. If FCPS closes school, or has an early dismissal of school on a regularly scheduled Religious Education day, we will also cancel classes. Please check for current status information. St. Veronica RE will also email parents, but this may take longer. The FCPS twitter page, or FCPS home page is the earliest to update regarding open/closed status during inclement weather.

St. Veronica Church, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, will strive to bring parents and children of the parish into a deep, personal communion with Christ and His Church, and to foster in them a missionary zeal for souls by:

  • Proclaiming the Word of God and His loving plan of salvation as expressed in Holy Scripture and the Sacred Tradition of the Catholic Church;
  • Acknowledging every person as a child of God, uniquely created by the Father in His image and likeness;

Teaching the Person of Jesus Christ, the source and summit of all life, through whom we are granted our salvation.

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Religious Education Staff

​Father Joseph F. Moschetto, Director of Religious Education

Mrs. Andrea Shermer,  Religious Education Coordinator​

703-773-2004, Email:

Office Location:  Left side rear of the building, next to the parish hall​