Fasting or Feasting during Lent? Evening of Reflection for Lent

February 20, 2024 12:04 pm

During Lent most Catholics focus on “fasting;” tightening the belt on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, abstinence from meat on Fridays, giving up “stuff” like sweets and desserts—or making other small sacrifices (decreased use of social media, entertainment, etc.) But not enough people consider feasting during Lent.

Father Jack Riley of the Arlington Diocese’s San Damiano Retreat Center will offer a spiritual conference in which we will consider new ways not merely to endure but to embrace the Season of Lent as an opportunity to grow closer to Christ during “the 40 Days,” using the Gospels, the Stations of the Cross, and the Rosary.

We will meet in the church at 7pm on March 7th. All are welcome!