God, Faith, and the Big Questions

February 7, 2023 11:27 am

An ongoing series available for parents of St. Veronica Religious Education students but open to anyone else who would like to attend.  5:35-6:30 pm, Room P200. (Access from south parking lot.) Remaining presentations:

¨ Feb. 6:  Near Death Experiences: Evidence of the Soul;

¨ Feb. 13:  Why Would a Loving God Allow Evil, Pain, and Suffering?

¨ Feb. 27:  How Church and Faith Enhance Mental and Physical Health;

¨ Mar. 13:  How Church and Faith Lead to Higher Academic Achievement and Better Life Outcomes;

¨ Mar. 27:  If God Knows What We Need, Why Pray?

¨ Apr. 24:  Evidence of the Supernatural; and

¨ May 8:  Protecting You and Your Family from the Diabolical.