Pray for St. Roch’s intercession as we continue to confront this coronavirus.

April 21, 2020 1:06 pm

St. Roch was born in 1295 in France at Montpellier, where his father was governor.  As a child he was known for his devotion and asceticism.  When his parents died he sold everything he had and went to Rome, which was at that point dealing with an epidemic of the plague.  He assisted the sick, and it is said he brought about the healing of many through “prayer, the sign of the cross, and the touch of his hand.”  Eventually he got sick himself and was expelled from the city, taking refuge in a forest, where it is said a dog brought him food from his master’s table.  That is why he is a patron saint of dogs and of epidemics.  It is believed he died in a town not too far from Milan, but is buried in a church, St. Rocco’s, in Venice.  May his prayers help us as we face the unknown and struggle with the suffering of so many.

See prayer below or download a copy HERE.

O Blessed Saint Roch,
Patron of the sick,
Have pity on those
Who lie upon a bed of suffering.
Your power was so great
When you were in this world,
That by the sign of the Cross,
Many were healed of their diseases.
Now that you are in heaven,
Your power is not less,
Offer, then, to God
Our sighs and tears
And obtain for us that health we seek
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.    

(Repeat the following 3 times) Saint Roch, pray for us,
That we may be preserved
From all diseases of body and soul.    

O most merciful God, who through an angel promised Saint Roch, that whoever would invoke his name should be preserved from pestilence and contagious disease, grant that through his intercession we may be preserved from all dangers, both of soul and body, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.  Amen.