The Harmony of Science and Faith: Two Apologetics Presentations at St. Veronica

October 8, 2019 9:17 am

The diocesan Office of Faith Formation is partnering with the Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America to provide an apologetics series about Catholic teachings on the actual harmony between science and faith at St. Veronica, Wednesdays, October 9th and 16th, at 8:00 pm in the parish hall.  Two multimedia presentations will be offered—Proclaiming the Reality of God:  Scientific and Human Evidence of God’s Existence; and Which is True:  Creation, Evolution, or Both?

Contrary to the prevailing myth of a conflict between science and faith, attendees at the first presentation will be excited to learn “the rest of the story” regarding the scientific evidence of God’s existence, mostly presented on video by scientists themselves.  The second presentation explores key Church teachings on the biggest challenge to faith experienced by many people today, especially in college:  Is evolution compatible with divine creation?  This apologetics presentation provides valuable information for discussion with those who have questions about God’s role in the development of life on earth.

Both of these apologetics presentations dispel doubts, strengthen faith, and equip faithful Catholics to share objective reasons for belief in God with questioning family and friends.  In our increasingly secular society and the atheistic worldview often promoted by the media and academic/scientific establishment, the need to strengthen the faith of Catholics and equip the faithful to better explain why we believe in God has never been greater.