Adult Education

Education and formation in the Faith does not end with Confirmation and High School Youth Apostolate.  To help adult Catholics continue to educate and form themselves in the Faith, St. Veronica hosts many programs and events throughout the year. Please check the website home page and the Parish bulletin for upcoming dates, times and detailed descriptions. Links to recordings of those programs and events, or handouts, when available can be found here.

​Mr. Alexander Millar, “Praying the Scriptures: Meeting the Lord through Lectio Divina and the Liturgy of the Hours,” Lent 2014

Fr. Robert Spitzer, “Happiness, Suffering, and the Love of God,” 4/6/14

Father Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. is the President of the Magis Center of Faith and Reason. He is a prolific author, in-demand speaker and frequent guest on television and radio programs, including EWTN and Larry King, with a gift for making obtuse subjects easier to understand. His recent work is featured on the Magis Center’s website, His April 6th talk at St. Veronica on “Happiness, Suffering, and the Love of God” can be listened to here: